Trump Takes a Molalla Dump

Donald Trump swallowed Molalla whole in one bite, just like a 4th of July rodeo hot dog smeared with mustard, relish and chili.

He held Molalla up to his mouth, flashed a shit eating grin, and down the hatch the wiener went.

Delicious! Molalla tasted so fucking good!

Molalla is currently meandering way through Trump’s digestive track, roughly the length of the US/Mexico border. His colon twinges and flutters with delight at the prospect of taking a big Molalla shit. It will be twice the pleasure of pinching that Coos Bay loaf.

A Trump Dump—three miles long, ten feet across, the color of Thanksgiving yams and pure as the driven bile except for the tiny crucifixes, surviving like so much corn.

Molalla paid Trump for the privilege of shitting them out. They liked being shit and treating others like shit. Solidarity in stools and stooges!

See Trump’s dump sizzle on the concrete in the summer heat. Molalla will fall on its knees and worship this new creche.

Thank Christ he took it on the sidewalk of Main Street in front of the hair salon with the Fuck Biden and His Kamala Ho poster in the window.

No way you gonna flush this colossal turd! No way their sewage treatment could handle it anyway. They’d need a bailout from Portland to fix their fuck up.

Trump 2024! Making America’s Bowel Movements Great Again!