They’re Watering the Football Field

The high school is still watering the football field. Is that optimism or delusion. Fall sports in Oregon were postponed but the watering goes on. Why? High school football isn’t coming back next year. It might be years. It might never come back to this tiny high school situated near a sewage treatment plant.

There is a great American poem in the watering of a football field that no one is going to play on for a long time, if ever. I am not the poet to write that poem. I don’t have the talent. If I did, I would title it “No Football in America.” Why be clever or nuanced with the title? Don’t tell it slant. Write the whole damn poem as simple as a give to the fullback for a plunge up the middle. You don’t throw the bomb on a poem like this. You grind it out. You mention that many of today’s Americans no longer had the ability to grind it out when it came to giving a damn about others. They gave up. Then they partied hard to congratulate themselves for giving up and killing many of their teammates in American life who kept grinding for the TEAM, not individual moronic glory in the guise of taking a stand for the Bill of Rights. Football coaches espouse a lot of bullshit about the importance of TEAM. I heard it for years. Playing this kind of selfish football (that’s a metaphor) in America right now isn’t about TEAM. It’s about ME. It’s about how football players today routinely celebrate special teams tackles and quarterback sacks in the second quarter of a game when their team is 2-9 and trailing be 30 points. That’s what we became as a nation and you can watch this unfold every single second in public during the pandemic.