The Productivity Company

A new weird vehicle serving as a domicile in the New American Diaspora appeared in the neighborhood not too long ago. Its weirdness factor easily topped the old Madras High School White Buffaloes booster/athletic bus that showed up around the same time. How in the world that 40-50-year-old bus came to housing people instead of transporting football players and cheerleaders to games in Central Oregon is a story I’d love to know but will never know.

The current leader in the weird vehicular domicile in my neighborhood is some kind of former service or delivery truck. It’s colored white, red, yellow and black. Emblazoned across one side in a commanding font is The Productivity Company. The other text that presumably defined the company’s business has been removed. A black and white checkered flag is present on one side of the truck so it suggests the business was automotive/racing related.

Do the inhabitants of this truck ever remark on the irony of the slogan and their non productive mobile existence? Maybe they don’t even recognize the irony. In a way, they are incredibly productive at not being productive. And for their conspicuous non production, many Americans despise them.

I don’t. I want to know the reasons for their current state of existence. I want to know how they acquired the truck and service it, pay for the gasoline. I want to know why they are moving around the neighborhood. What radio station are they listening to while driving? And why all the wood paneling strapped to the back of the rig? Are you paneling the interior? If so, that’s pretty damn productive and making sensible use of a gutted 70s-styled den that some homeowner dumped on the sidewalk in act of benevolent littering. Oh to see the carpet inside The Productivity Company!