The Humboldt Club

Crosscut saws and cork boots in one window

Coast Guard preservers and crab floats in the other

Lending library banished to a dark alcove,

Westerns, Stephen King, Lee Child

“Slow Ride” by Foghat plays

Then comes “Prove it All Night” by Bruce

“I’m not boyfriend material,” a woman says

She sizes up a rival for her

non-boyfriend on her phone.

“That bitch is too cute!”

Mural of old town on the back wall

Illustrations of old timers from back in the day.

The Seahawks grind out a drive

A greyhound for lunch

A white Russian for brunch

Thirsty Thursday Special: $2 Hamm’s All Day

Open 8:30 to midnight

A sign says “This is a Longshoremen bar.”

Not anymore

Union Longshoremen long gone from North Bend

What’s left of them

tend to their blame

like hoeing a dead garden

McGovern carried this county in ’72

That seems impossible

But men who drank here

once knew how their bread

was buttered

A nearby Dollar Tree is hiring

So is the Indian casino

Greet the greeters at Wal-Mart

McGovern tried

He visited the Humboldt, campaigned

He drank with Longshoremen

They slapped his back

He carried Coos County

McGovern lost Oregon

He won one state

He quoted Yeats in his concession speech

You think anybody in America is writing a poem

where George McGovern inhabits the poem?


Right now in the Humboldt Club

in North Bend

on a Sunday morning in October

with hash browns and an IPA