Sonny and the Big Clean-up Day (New e-book released)


I announce the publication of my new e-book about homelessness, Sonny and the Big Clean-up Day, (A Story for Kids and Adults).

In the book, Sonny the husky discovers a homeless encampment destroying a creek in a Portland city park. She alerts her owner and a park ranger and inspires a community clean-up of the damaged riparian area. Neighborhood citizens and residents of the encampment join Sonny to restore a tiny part of a watershed and later celebrate their collaboration.

This book was inspired by my discovery of a children’s Lassie book published in 1970 where Lassie leads a litter clean-up of a national park on Earth Day. I wrote it in similar kid-friendly style, but perhaps with parody also in mind. I have long wondered how parents today talk to their kids about homelessness, since it is all around us. Perhaps this story will help.

Sonny and the Big Clean-up Day is available through Amazon and also through my web site via PayPal at and right through this blog.

If you order it through my site you do not need an e-book reader. You will download the story in the E-pub or PDF formats and then easily read it on any device.

Thanks for your support of an independent Pacific Northwest publisher.