Some Thoughts on Death

My step mother recently passed away. My dad is 89. My uncle is dying from cancer. Almost 450,000 Americans have died of the corona virus with many more to come.

I’ve been thinking about death and the prospect of my own and what that might look like. As I have written elsewhere, I have always wanted to end my existence by plunging into Hart’s Cove, or perhaps off Otter Point. My body would never be recovered and I would return to the ocean where all life began. To me, that isn’t a morbid idea but perfectly natural and hastens my return to the water cycle.

But how will I know is the time? Will I have the strength of body and mind to execute this plan? I can’t very well ask anyone to help me. I can’t choose someone in my will to carry it out. I have no children to assist me.

When will that final moment come when I can do it myself and then that moment passes and I can’t?

These are some of my thoughts of late. They are not really sorting out. I need some beach time to consider them.