Secret Coast Radio 5

Welcome to the Secret Coast Radio podcast broadcasting somewhere on the Secret Coast

Let us begin by saying:

We prefer the first person plural over the singular.

We prefer mystery over journalism.

We prefer herons over heroin.

We prefer walking over treadmilling.

We prefer a construction job over a digital one.

We prefer daydreaming over capitalism.

We prefer tennis with wooden rackets made from maple or ash over high tech ones made from oil.

We prefer reaching out to those in distress over abandonment.

We prefer librarians over PR assistants.

We lament the loss of bowling as a pastime but not attending circuses.

We prefer primal contact in nature over zoos.

We prefer guffawing loudly over quiet seething.

We prefer the pocket knife over the assault weapon.

We prefer principals who know how to teach over those who don’t have a clue.

We prefer the verb affect over infect.

We really wish the Indians had slaughtered the pilgrims instead of saving them.

We prefer the moon over mars. (better poetry and illumination for invasions)

We prefer Rachel Carson over every other American.

We prefer kindness over judgment.


What is this podcast about? Who are we?

Like we said, mystery over journalism.

Let show number five begin.

The link to the show is: