Secret Coast Radio 1


I am excited to announce the launch of Secret Coast Radio, a podcast in collaboration with an incredible music talent. The show features new and repurposed stories by me and original music by the show’s producer. Its motto is mystery over journalism. We also prefer idealism over cynicism and kindness over judgment. We also love telling a story about a chipmunk who eats magic mushrooms and helps human beings.

Each episode is 20-30 minutes long and we have six shows in the can. One show contains an interview and we plan on bringing on more guests and showcasing other musical, art and storytelling voices. I also want to hear from nurses, contractors, teachers, etc. What are your stories that need to be out there?

Give Secret Coast Radio a try. Enjoy. I’m not really sure where the podcast is going, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do and the time seems right. If you enjoy the show, please spread the word. If you have any interest in being on the show, let me know through a message.

The link to the show is:

Each episode begins with an introduction that retains a format, but that I revise to update what’s on my mind.

Here’s the intro to Show 1

Welcome to the Secret Coast Radio podcast broadcasting somewhere on the Secret Coast

Let us begin by saying:

We prefer the first person plural over the singular.

We prefer mystery over journalism.

We prefer conversation over texting.

We prefer driftwood forts over skyscrapers.

We prefer eating eels dropped from the sky by ospreys over fast food.

We prefer dogs over politicians.

We prefer wind over windbags.

We prefer stealth manifestos over scripted tirades.

We prefer kindness over judgment.

We prefer Ben Franklin over the other Founding Fathers because he never owned a slave.

We prefer knobs and dials over algorithms.

We prefer great new notions over stale thinking.

We prefer interviewing beavers over celebrities.

We prefer trees over stumps.


What is this podcast about? Who are we?

Like we said, mystery over journalism.

Let show number one begin.