Ruminations on the Recent Primary Election

The cryptocurrency ciphers who ran as Democrats for Congress got their asses kicked. Their non existent candidacies perfectly illustrated exactly what phony cryptocurrency is—non existent—unless it’s wealth extracted from suckers is exchanged for real cash trying to buy elections.

Why do some people running for office think they don’t have to vote in previous elections? Why do they start their political careers by running for the highest offices? Why not start by running for a seat on the school board or county commission?

One female Republican running for Governor ran an attack ad against another woman running for Governor claiming her opponent had supported the installation of tampon machines in boys restrooms in grade schools. What is there to say about that? What political consultant pitched that idea? How can I use this ad in a work of fiction? The opponent did win the primary so there is a glimmer of hope.

Homelessness was identified by urban and suburban voters across Oregon as the number one issue. They want something done and done with alacrity. The winds among progressive and caring people have shifted dramatically on this issue and the advocates for the homeless don’t seem to grasp this fact. This ignorance has the potential to cost homeless people dearly. The advocates need to regroup and rethink strategy and not merely throw out the same tired jargon as before. It doesn’t play anymore.

I see the Clackamas County Clerk screwed up their election by mailing out ballots with blurred bar codes. Now they have to be hand counted. Of course the clerk won’t resign. Nobody holding elective office at any level ever resigns when their sheer incompetence at administrating is exposed and results in dire, even deadly consequences. My question is: have they ever in the history of American political life?

I voted. I always vote. I’ve voted for every tax increase ever put in front of me. I broke up with someone because they didn’t vote.

I read that the initiative drive to allow liquor sales in grocery stores failed. They didn’t turn in a single signature. That means Oregon’s liquor distribution is still socialized!

I read the entire voter’s pamphlet. It contains some of the more bizarre writing and character I’ve ever read. Someone could combine excerpts into an interesting piece of writing.

I recall from my teaching career that several time, principals or teachers in charge of student councils secretly voided election results because they believed they were potentially detrimental to the school, meaning they hated the candidate who won. They usually used the excuse of the undesirable candidate stuffing ballots. It was the most egregious violation of students’ constitutional rights I ever witnessed in my teaching career, and that’s saying a lot because there were violations going on all the time.

I still can’t believe the rest of the country hasn’t gone exclusively to mail balloting. To think bad weather can determine elections is absurd. To make citizens, many elderly or handicapped, many working full time, many with child care issues, wait hours in line to vote is criminal, immoral. There is nothing patriotic about standing in line to vote. The patriotic thing is voting.

This 2022 general election is going to be huge, huge. The House and Senate could swing Republican and then all Biden gets do is veto every piece of legislation presented to him. And of course, the Republicans say they are already going to impeach him.