Roy Marx: Socialist Portland Detective by Lark Jameson

My former author client Lark Jameson has just published a new collection of fiction and I want to promote it here. It’s a fantastic crime and kink thriller set in the Rose City that also employs savage and funny social commentary. She truly has an original take on the genre. It’s published by Pacific Coast Smut and available on Amazon in print and e-book formats.

Description below:

Roy Marx is a socialist Portland detective with a ferocious mutt named Trotsky. Together, comrade, dog and their strange brew of a crew, fight crime, injustice and inhumanity wrought by the evil and destructive forces of capitalism.

In three Left wing, lusty and action-packed novellas, Roy and Trotsky kick some serious ass in the defense of working class heroes such as burger flippers, strippers and teachers.

Utilizing his highly specialized knowledge of all things commie and eccentric detection methods, Marx is unlike any private dick you’ve ever met. And don’t even think of messing with his dog, lest you want parts of your reproductive system chomped to smithereens.

Readers of the crime world unite, and meet the new sleuth, not the same as the old sleuth.

In the Case of the Burger Town Murders, Marx investigates the savage killing of a union-forming employee of a progressive fast food joint who was kinking it up after hours with horny burger flippers.

In the Case of Stripper Collective, Marx looks into the murder of two dancers by a deranged Bible thumper in what later becomes the world’s first socialist strip club.

In the Case of the Teacherless School, Marx digs into the shooting of a high school teacher by a foxy, sex-starved android created by a fiendish corporation hell-bent on replacing all teachers with robots.