Recent Sights

I saw a flying osprey with an eel clutched in its talons.

I see more signs of the new American diaspora.

I see our Constitution failing because certain members of Congress will not uphold their oath to protect it.

I saw an overrated television show.

I saw a robin fly into the front end of my car and die.

I saw a superb fort near a Jetty.

I see myself getting back into tennis again.

I see a way to engage the Fort Destroyer—issue an invitation to think and challenge assumptions.

I see a future as a ghostwriter.

I see I’ve missed a lot not listening to Miles Davis the past decade.

I saw an old friend almost reengage with me.

I see myself having a dog again.

I see people around me that need my help.

I see birds making a difference in my life.

I see something in elk and beavers that I don’t think others are seeing.

I see a way for me to start a podcast.

I see choice cuts of beaverwood everywhere.