Psychedelic Chipmunk!

I stepped outside to shake the sand out of my shoes when I beheld a chipmunk in a branch over my head. He was eating a mushroom! Holding the stem with his claws and nibbling the cap like a Kesey madman! Tiny chunks flew away as he nibbled. I didn’t know chipmunks ate mushrooms. How delighted I was to observe this. I clapped! I am no mushroom expert, but the mushroom in question looked psychedelic in nature. Yes, it was a magic mushroom!

The chipmunk and I have been buddies for some time. I leave out water and feed him cheerios and crusts. He makes the most wonderful shrilling sound to announce his appearance in the tree near my domicile. I always say hello to him. I have not yet named him. Leroy? Fred? Jimmy?

So what does a chipmunk do after eating a magic mushroom? This question might inspire a fantastic idea for a freaky children’s book, groovy animated film, spacey song, or off Broadway show. I know I certainly want to collaborate with the chipmunk when he’s tripping. I think I might set up the typewriter and let him scat across the keys and write pure gold…or set out some parchment paper, some ink pads, and let the chipmunk make art! Or a battery-powered keyboard and let him rock!

This is the way I entertain myself these days.