Pioneer Pride: Part 25-The End

From my senior year journal:


I won the $300 Ron Hite Memorial Scholarship today and it was a complete shock to me. I know the award had existed but I never applied for it so there was never any anticipation in me when it was announced. The shock and disbelief in me were acute. Then, as I was walking up, it occurred to me that I was damn lucky to get it considering some of the shit I’ve pulled in this school. I gained a new respect for teachers because some of them were willing to forget personalities and stress academics.

Ms. Lechner did not seem particularly overwhelmed at my selection and had kind of a cold staring look but I can forget that now.

Thank you for your support Mr. Winn, without it, I was dead and thank you for two good years. You were the only teacher who really encouraged me to excel. I appreciate it.


This is my last journal entry of my high school career and maybe for my life. There is a certain sadness that comes with writing this page because I know that high school is over and I can never relive these days again. High school wasn’t really all that bad; I just tried to convince myself of that. There were times when I could of blown it up but all in all, it was a good atmosphere and excellent place to really start my life.

I’ve made so many dumb mistakes but there have been some good times also. I expect to read this every once and awhile and what I write next is something that I will read and try to follow for the rest of my life:

Be kind, speak no evil of others, think of others and most of all, be thankful for what you have.

The end of part 1 of my life.

Not yet, I’m looking around and I see people I will never see again and that is strange to me.

I feel it is important for me to remain in contact with people. Especially you Mr. Winn. I want to wish you a happy life and a rewarding career always try to be there for high school students who just don’t fit in all the time.

Goodbye Oregon City High School, it has been… interesting. Remember, I will be back, rather it be a movie or a book, I will finish one of the two. I have stories to tell, injustices to expose.

I will return.