One Hundred Stingers

Nestucca Spit Press is proud to announce the release of One Hundred Stingers, by Pete Young. This monumental debut novel by my friend and author client unfolds the multi-layered story of the air war over the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the Vietnam War. Pete served as an US Navy Intruder bombardier during this campaign and has written what I believe will become a classic of Vietnam War literature, and a novel that pays homage to the incredible effort of the North Vietnamese people in their struggle against US forces.

The book is available in print through Nestucca Spit Press ( and also available in print and E-book formats on Amazon. We soon hope to have it stocked in select PNW indie bookstores.

Congratulations Pete, for fulfilling a 50-year-old dream and completing this novel. Now, it’s time to gig.