Of Dogs and Meaning Book Launch

Nestucca Spit Press (NSP) presents Of Dogs and Meaning,a unique addition to the canon of canine literature.

At last, a dog book where the dog doesn’t die. Finally, a dog book where all dogs live forever.

In Of Dogs and Meaning’s 100 pages, Oregon writer Matt Love let’s his creative mind off leash to explore everything real and metaphorically canine in our culture. During this wild, meandering romp accompanied by ink stamp illustrations, Love leaves his singular marks, call them intellectual whizzes, on a vast, eclectic and entertaining range of subjects connected to dogs.

Ever see a dog go nuts one when it visits the beach for the first time? Imagine an author with supreme doggedness doing exactly that with a subject and you have Of Dogs and Meaning running throughmaterial such as as: Rescue dogs. Trail of Tears. WC Fields. Grapes of Wrath. Human dog pounds. Barack Obama. Carlos Castaneda. Dorothy Parker. Orson Welles. Michael Vick. John Wick. Richard Nixon. Hitler. Dog funerals. Steve Martin. Shakespeare. Jennifer Beals. Lord Byron. Wendy and Lucy. Charles Bukowski. Isak Dinesen. Willy Vlautin. The Odyssey. Franz Kafka. The Underdog. Sirius. Rush. God.

Love, the author of over 20 books, merges multiple literary genres, including essay, meditation, fiction, commentary and memoir to create, well…a mutt of a book!

The book is available for $15 at select independent bookstores in Oregon and directly through the NSP website at nestuccaspitpress.com or through this blog via Paypal. The web site is also offering a special 2 for 1 price on Of Dogs and Meaning. An e-book edition is available via Amazon.

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