Nestucca Spit Press Releases Two New Books!

Dear Friends of Oregon Books:

In 2003, I established Nestucca Spit Press (NSP) to publish books about Oregon, mine and other authors and poets. With this venture, I wanted to practice what I called “sustainable literature,” meaning the books were written by Oregonians, printed in Oregon, and sold exclusively at Oregon independent bookstores and live events. Since its formation, NSP has published 30 books and sold over 30,000 books across the PNW. And we’re still going strong.

NSP has released three books this spring, The Bonnie and Clyde Files written by me, and two others, a collection of poems titled She Oregon and a novel, Alberta & The Spark.

Many of my FB friends have generously supported NSP books over the years, I urge you to continue to support independent Oregon publishing by purchasing these titles direct from the Nestucca Spit Press web site of from independent bookstores. We need good stories and poems more than ever, and I am honored to have worked with the writers of these magnificent books.

About She Oregon:

In his first volume of dramatic verse, She Oregon, Gold Beach poet Earl Mohr presents his version of awakening to his relationship to Oregon. In this collection of poems, Mohr explores a variety of themes, including the exploitation of Oregon, its land, water, indigenous peoples, even its myths. The book, first in a projected trilogy of verse, contains 38 poems, the first written in 1966, the last one in 2018. Three voices, She Oregon, Scene Speaker and Echo interact with one another in each poem. The poems’ settings take place in a variety of Oregon places, including the Columbia Gorge, Willamette Valley, High Desert and Oregon Coast. “She Oregon is the most remarkable book of verse I’ve come across in Oregon literary history,” said Nestucca Spit Press Publisher Matt Love.

About Alberta & The Spark:

In her charming debut novel, Astoria author Jennifer Nightingale presents an unforgettable character, 13-year-old Alberta Evans, whose love of nature is as boundless as her belief in the goodness of all people. Set in a Pacific Northwest oyster town in the 1970s, Alberta struggles with adolescence and finds courage through her unique friendship with 15-year-old Felix, a kindred spirit who approaches the natural world as a scientist, while she reveres it with magical wonder. Together, they confront bullies, racism and disorienting family changes. They persevere and help bring their fractured coastal community together. “Alberta & The Spark is the best Pacific Northwest coming-of-age novel since Jim Lynch’s The Highest Tide,” said Nestucca Spit Press Publisher Matt Love.

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