May 7 Writing Workshop in Portland: “Firing Up Your Writing Project”


On Saturday May 7, I will teach a writing workshop in a Portland back yard. The workshop is called “Firing Up Your Writing Project” and the idea is to take whatever writing project you are working on (or contemplating) and move forward. I’ve taught this class multiple times in recent years and it seems to have helped writers derive some much needed energy to get going on an idea, myself included.

We will sit outside on a lawn and think, write, talk, share, pitch, laugh, listen. We will complete exercises that will help stimulate your creativity and discover new ways to fire up your project. Sometimes writing one sentence in practice or hearing a tidbit of discussion can help unlock an idea.

I feel it essential for writers with projects in mind or development to come together in a relaxed setting, write for writing’s sake and articulate your passion for your project. I believe it helps writers finish and build a community for the projects. It’s also how we make new friends and support other writers’ endeavors.

The workshop will run from 1-4 p.m. And hopefully we can have a little social time afterward.

The cost is whatever you want to pay/can afford and you can pay at the workshop. Let me know if you are interested. The class is almost full.