Lost and Found 12 / Lists

List of what needs to be lost:

Fear of possible confrontations

Doubts about my writing ability

Astoria. Astoria. Astoria


Windowless rooms where guidance is supposed to occur

Other people’s weird agendas for me

Being clever in moments that require dullness

The past, but not memory of it


List of what needs to be found:


Literary confidante

Creative collaborator

Job (47 applications and still trying)

Stamina (not the physical kind)

New writing styles for new problems

New Oregon beer to champion

New OTA joint

New publishing mediums to disseminate my writing

Tennis backboard

More coyote sightings

Macrame décor items

A gig

People who will give me a chance

The architecture of how to write the book I am living

The following books in old paperback editions: Moby Dick, Catch-22, The Scarlet Letter, Heart of Darkness, The Trial, Notes From the Underground, The Handmaid’s Tale

New retail outlets for corduroy pants

More friends who gift me Kenny Rogers’ brand corduroy jackets with suede patches

New reasons to wear corduroy jackets because teaching in them is over

People who follow through

Continued belief that I will experience surprise good fortune

New coastal locale to start over

Edible plants

Someone who can run a meeting

New beaches without memories of dearly departed dogs

30-40 year old RV in decent shape for sale

Literary agent

Obscure Bob Seger tracks

Reconnect to the first Pretenders album, which is gone

Another view from the top of Saddle Mountain

Partner/sidekick to investigate unsolved Columbia River Watershed murders and disappearances

Three-dimensional topographic map of the PNW

Total anonymity