July 2022 Scenes

Two young raccoons eating apples in a tree.

A woman in a dive bar talking about her latest cocaine binge and upcoming trip to Costa Rica.

Drivers stopping in the middle of the I-405 bridge in Portland, getting out of their vehicles to take photographs of Fourth of July fireworks. Such behavior perfectly illustrates the supreme and dangerous narcissism afflicting so many contemporary Americans.

Three men passed out in the grass of a park with hot dogs, buns and condiments strewn about him.

A tarot card reading on a sidewalk by a soothsayer drunk on malt liquor.

Congressional hearing documenting Republican treason, insurrection and insanity.

Finding yet another great Elmore Leonard novel in a street library.

An elderly couple driving round Southeast Portland looking for their homeless son and his girlfriend.

A meth miscreant shooting hoops in a city park at seven in the morning.

Ducklings swimming in a former casting pond built by the WPA.

An obviously deranged man drinking hot chocolate and eating Lucky Charms while standing.

A dog bounding into the ocean.

A deer eating raspberries from a table.

A woman wearing nothing but a tarp around her.

An elderly man dressing up as a kind of fairy and roaming around a park.

The moment a writer realized he had to cut 190,000 words out of 200,000 already written about Oregon’s homeless crisis.