Joy Writing Workshop in Astoria October 14


Albert Einstein once wrote, “It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

To that end, I am teaching a “Writing From a Place of Joy” workshop in Astoria on Saturday, October 14 and I hope you can join me and collaborate with an outstanding, inspiring group of writers.

A squirrel in the yard demanding peanuts. A bubbling lasagna pulled from the oven. A dog going nuts on the beach. An osprey diving into a river and emerging with an eel clutched in its beak. Finally reading War and Peace. Listening to a Billie Holiday record. Receiving a goofy post card from a friend. A7-iron that lands a golf ball inches from the hole. Standing in front of a 500-year old redwood. Reading Henny Youngman’s jokes at a dignified social gathering. Watching a sunset on a strain of sativa.

These are moments of immense joy for many of us. We all have our special secret list of what brings us joy and it is my strong belief that writers need to dive into these moments and write from a place of joy. Too often, we write only under pressure or gripped by angst. Why not examine and reflect upon the opposite of that in your life? A writer can never know where that process might lead.

In the workshop, I will run participants through a series of writing and conversation prompts related to the practice of discovering and cultivating joy. We’ll share some of our responses and conclude by writing a short piece about joy that will go out to the larger, often joyless world.

I hope you can join me and rejuvenate the League of Intertidal Writers, the organization sponsoring this event. It’s always so wonderful to bring a group of writers together in Astoria who support one another. It’s a unique community that provides immeasurable literary and psychic benefits.

The workshop will run from 10-12:30 pm and cost $50. Payment will be made at the workshop. It will be held in a private home. Weather permitting, the workshop will be held outdoors on a lawn of a private residence. In the case of inclement weather, the class will be moved indoors. The class is limited to 12 participants. To register, send me an email.