January Meditations Overlooking Youngs’ Bay

“The rivers are our brothers,” said Chief Seattle. “You must give the rivers the kindness you would give your brothers.”

There has been very little kindness offered to the Columbia River.

I am making new friends. I am trying to reconnect with old ones. I am going to take a special new friend to the rivers of my current life and share what they are about to me. I am thinking of teaching a river-themed writing workshop. Would that attract any writers? Do writers prefer writing topics to topics like Kindness, Faces, Rivers?

Rain is forecast all week.

I am putting my house up for sale.

I am approaching 90 failed job applications.

The broken record simile is dead.

The elk are on the move.

I haven’t built a driftwood fort in a month.

I’m reading a book about a talking and singing book who wishes he had hands.

I recently reread some Edward Abbey. He’s not holding up as well as expected.

I met an exciting new poet. Our meeting has re-energized my passion for poetry. I am seeing more poetry around me.

I met a new author and literary entrepreneur who has good ideas for the Oregon Coast.

The beard has gone where no beard of mine has gone before.

I am thinking about my friend Glen and his kelp soup. Yes, I know someone who harvest kelp on the beach and makes a soup from it.

The crabbers broke ranks and some took a lower price from the processors. Marx always said: “Own the means of production.” The crab price dilemma on the Oregon Coast is a delicious story of would-be socialism and worker collectives and capitalism and strike-breaking and all of that. It’s still the frontier in that industry.

Charles Bukowski wrote: “What interests me is non-dullness.”

Rum and rain go well together.

Where is that writer on rain who sent me the cryptic note on graph paper?

I am putting together a writers’ collective. We won’t break ranks.

My great collaborator and I might collaborate again.

A friend from the past contacted me in a supreme act of rapprochement.

I made the most wonderful black eyed pea soup. I am sharing it with friends. I didn’t use to do that.

My dad goes in for major surgery on Monday. It occupies my mind.

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