Idea for a New Story: Beaver Town (part 2)

Here’s the idea for the story: one day, three strippers, Sage, Sinaman and Rayvnn, are on break in the afternoon out in the parking lot of the Acropolis, vaping some dank weed called Beaver Cherry Delight, when they see a confused-looking beaver emerge from the creek and collapse on the concrete. They are horrified and cradle the lovable bucktoothed creature known as castor canadensis and bring him into the strip joint to help him. Their goon of a manager orders them to get rid of the beaver and get back on stage, but they refuse and begin furiously Google searching how to care for him. In short order, they cut some willow branches from the creek with some steak knives from the kitchen, strip off the bark, and have the cook boil the wood up in his stew pot to form a kind of broth that they feed the beaver through a baby bottle that Sage uses to nurse her triplets on the job. All the customers come over to watch the feeding and are so moved they tip the strippers extra big to raise funds to have a beaver biologist make a house call. They find one online, call him, and he rushes over to assist. His name is Hank and he is a super hot horny hunk that the three strippers will fight over, really duke it out, in the second season.

Hank enters the joint and examines the beaver, now named Bushy. He says Bushy is malnourished because the stream’s riparian are around the club is dominated by invasive blackberry plants and there isn’t enough alders and willows to feed him and make a dam and lodge for him to take a mate and reproduce. When the strippers hear this, they start crying. They don’t want to let their little cute beaver die! Hank adds to their horror by declaring that if something isn’t done soon to rehabilitate this stretch of Johnson Creek to better ecology, beavers will vanish from the area and salmon won’t be able to spawn either.

Sage, Sinaman and Rayvnn aren’t going to let that happen! They are about to go full tilt Bushy the Beaver to save beavers!