Homeless Woman Rides a Barbie Bike Handless!

Down the street,

a tiny bicycle meanders.

The rider holds a bag of cans

over a shoulder with her left hand.

It’s an old woman,

bespectacled, brown hair flowing,

wearing a groovy cloth coat.

She’s riding a Barbie bike

with white tassels,

white tires,

white handle grips.

Wait! She’s riding handless!

She’s swigging from

a fifth of Southern Comfort

with her right hand!

Janis Joplin drank Southern Comfort!

This woman looks exactly like Janis Joplin!

Jesus this is a lot of exclamations in a poem!

You never read exclamation points in New Yorker poems.

New Yorker poets apparently

have no exclamation points

in their lives

to convey in poetry.

Just a lot of