Gin Drizzle

I am sitting outside with a great friend drinking gin in the drizzle while I play ball with a dog. Damn, that’s a fine sentence to write, but even better to live. Oh to have more drizzle in our Oregon lives right about now. Drizzle might save us all, at least for a month or so.

It occurs to me that Gin Drizzle might be a great name for a band of some kind, but I have no idea what musical genre it might be.

It occurs to me that I just invented a new drink called the Gin Drizzle because I am drinking gin and drizzle is falling into the glass, Tanqueray.

It occurs to me that gin drizzle needed to find its way into a hard boiled detective story. The moll is drinking one, or listening to the band, or the drizzle is falling like gin or she drank gin like a drizzle.