Gettin’ OTA Out

It is an axiom of my writing life that whenever I publish a book about a specific subject (not a memoir or novel) the better stories about the subject emerge after the books come out. This happened with Vortex, the Blazers, Yaquina Bay Bridge, Sometimes a Great Movie and the rain book.

So it is true with Oregon Tavern Age as I distribute it around Oregon in the most haphazard fashion. It’s in bars, gas stations, bookstores, coffee shops, a bowling alley, a laundromat, etc. I heard an incredible story in a dive bar in Reedsport about the owner. He annually buys a dozen or so frozen turkeys and then strings them up in snags in some burned over clearcut outside of town. The OTA regulars show up with rifles and beer and booze and then they have a competition where marksmen try to hit the string and drop the turkey. You do that, you get the turkey. You get nothing for hitting the turkey.

You scoff? I saw the pictures on a slide show on an OTA’s Ipad. He was there!

Don’t get no more Oregon than this!

Help me get OTA out!