Easter Sunday Declarative Sentences

Ernest Hemingway once wrote somewhere that he liked to warm up before writing novels and stories by writing ten or so simple declarative sentences. He didn’t say if they were fiction or nonfiction sentences. Perhaps it didn’t matter.

I want to warm up this morning by writing some simple declarative sentences inspired by observations/reflections on Easter Sunday morning:

A youth soccer practice in a park was about to begin.

A man dug through a dumpster while his friend smoked in the cab of an idling pickup.

I wore a windbreaker from my teaching days.

Two runners passed me.

A man hid Easter eggs with his two children.

A masked man wearing a mauve sport coat entered a Catholic church.

Church bells pealed.

I counted two Norman Mailer books in a street library.

I stopped for a squirrel.

A man and woman played tennis.

A woman searched for cans and bottles.

A couple worked on their yard.

Roots upended sidewalks.

I heard a church service going on.

I moved through a grove of Douglas firs where I was married.

A man and woman pushed a baby stroller.

A frayed red, white and blue basketball net hung from a rusted hoop attached to a moldy backboard.

People lined up at a bakery.

The smell of ham was in the air.

I composed a country song about Jesus rising on the Internet. It’s first verse went: Easter Sunday came around / Covid 19 shut the congregations down / But Christians don’t you fret / Because Jesus will rise on the Internet

A strip club was about to open.