Death of a Homeless Man

A friend called me in state of extreme distress. She had received word that a friend of hers, an elderly artist who was often homeless in a big city, had passed away. She now lived far from where he died and was crying because she felt no one would care about his death. There would be no service, no memorial, nothing but nothing.

Does anyone give a shit about people anymore?

Yes, You do.

She owned several pieces of his art, including one he made for her.

I told her to take some of his art and mount it in public, and let someone take it home. Get his art out to the world. He would live on that way. Maybe tack a little note about him on the back of the paintings.

She said she liked the idea. It gave her purpose in grieving and combated society’s increasing hostility toward the homeless. If she followed though, and she would, her effort would provide him a lasting moment of humanity after his death.