Corporate Coffee Musings

An army works for the coffee shop after the election. The Republic survived, barely. Now we’ll see if the Constitution truly works, well at least the Articles. The Bill of Rights is dead and I would know.

An utter frenzy in here., but also a rank and file vibe.

A man with a beaten-up face orders a chocolate croissant.

Tanzania coffee is all the rage.

Christmas is here!

Who are these people spending $15 for coffee drinks and a baked good? Someone has money.

People look whipped. Mainstream America feels whipped to me, although I don’t think they realize it.

One wonders how Facebook undermined democracy on election day. To think that progressive organizations are using the service to coordinate and promote progressive causes is mind-boggling to me.

The coffee here sucks.

A special coffee purchase supports a military unit stationed somewhere in the Middle East or Asia participating in the longest wars in American history with no end in sight.

Lines are seven deep.

One of the baristas is singing the orders as customers place them. It will be a viral video soon, with the appearance of human spontaneity, but really, the result of a directive from corporate headquarters.

I think I’ll read the Lawrence Durrell novel I found on the road. I dived in last night and it was barely readable. No one writes with that rococo style anymore. It’s just too grim out there for ornamentation.

So are the Democrats drafting articles of impeachment yet?

Does anyone ever work anymore?

I’ve been sitting for 30 minutes and I still can’t sip the coffee. Too hot.

I see they have a new special holiday drink with the word “bliss” in the title. Well, at least corporate is introducing a new vocabulary word for most of the customers. How about a drink with the word “ephemeral” or “opaque” in it?

Bodies are listing in here. The ship of state, too.