Corona Virus Thoughts: The Olympic Games

I hadn’t intended to write about the corona virus anymore, but the spectacle of staging the Olympic Games during a pandemic is so insane that I find myself compelled to comment.

Consider this:

1/6 of the American athletes who traveled to Tokyo were unvaccinated.

President Biden didn’t mandate vaccination for all Americans participating in the Olympic Games. Embrace conspiracy and no shot? Then stay home and watch the nonsense on television. Biden certainly had the power. Jimmy Carter exercised it in 1980 by banning American participation in the Moscow games after the USSR invaded Afghanistan.

The IOC didn’t mandate vaccines for everyone traveling to Tokyo to participate in the games.

People actually flew halfway around the world during a pandemic to fence, skateboard, trap shoot and play water polo.

Horses for the equestrian events flew halfway around the world so humans could ride them in the equestrian events

Japanese people (service workers) will certainly die as a result of staging the games and there should have been a binding national referendum on holding the event. (It would been 70 percent in opposition.)

Many in the American media worship this phony spectacle as some sort of morally uplifting story. Sure, it’s so uplifting to read how American athletes are subsidized by corporations to train and then perform activities that produce almost nothing to better American society outside of that athlete and corporation’s bottom line. What does it really do for the world if someone wins the pole vault or balance beam competition.

I wasted several minutes of my life watching a BMX bike race and saw a crash that almost killed an adult American rider. Imagine dying as an adult riding a BMX bike in a race (and there were no fans!).

The major America media apparently does not have a single major broadcaster or writer who questioned the very insane idea of staging the games during a pandemic in a country with a pitifully low vaccination rate and also in a country where 70-percent of its citizens that didn’t want the games to be staged at all.

That’s enough for now. The Olympic Games should have ended decades ago. What they have wrought upon countries, especially the poorer ones dumb enough to pay for the rights to host them, is criminal.