Corona Virus Thoughts #26

I doubt anyone reading this really wants to read anything that calls more attention to the incredible stupidity exhibited by many Americans during the Pandemic. I’m sick of reading about it and I’m sick of writing about it, but here I am writing on the subject again.

One day, it will end, the writing that is.

It was fun watching a pro football game and rooting against the team because their superstar quarterback was an arrogant and monomaniacal anti-vaxxer. It adds a whole new twist to being a fan of football, so like you want to root for Washington State University football to win because they fired their kooky anti-vaxx coach.

The Oregonian ran a lengthy Sunday feature on residents of Southern Oregon who refused to get vaccinated and suffered deadly and totally preventable consequences. It was a solid piece of reporting and it should have elicited some sympathy from me but it did not. I’ve become callous and I don’t like that feeling at all.

I scheduled my appointment for a booster shot. Dad already got his.

Violence and intimidation as a political tool have returned to the forefront of American life. Anti-vaxxers storm school board meetings and accost health care workers. Where is that going?

Thanksgiving is almost here. Think how many unvaccinated Americans will gather with friends and families, boast about their status, revel in their superiority and “being in the know,” and then contract the virus and die by Christmas. What a Christmas gift. It’s going to happen all over the country.

To think almost all of the anti-vaccination insanity could have been avoided if Trump had just acted like a normal human being.

I read where 10,000 Marines will not meet the deadline for vaccination. I told Dad about this. He’s a former Korean War combat Marine and is incensed by this gross dereliction of duty that endangers national security. He believes they should all be given dishonorable discharges and have their pensions revoked if they earned one.

The right thing to do is staring millions of Americans in the face and they won’t or can’t do it. Won’t because of stupidity. Can’t because of brainwashing. They should ask themselves one simple question: what would Perry Mason do?

Consider all the American families permanently ruptured by the Pandemic and the vaccine. It’s happened on one side of my family.

The next big media event will feature stories of unvaccinated kids dying from the virus and teary interviews with their unvaccinated parents. I don’t even think I’ll work up sympathy for that.