Corona Virus Thoughts #21

Almost 27 million cases. Almost 450k Americans dead. Oregon still pretty much on lockdown. It doesn’t feel that way to me because I don’t really go anywhere that requires being inside, except for grocery shopping.

I got my father on the virtual waiting list for a vaccine through Kaiser. As soon as I get the email, we head in for the first shot.

Governor Brown prioritized teachers over seniors. My dad is fine with that. He was a teacher for 40 years. Others are not.

It could very well be that Trump’s response to the virus is the worst failure of any American president in history. Just three days of Biden’s term revealed that.

They managed to get through the college football season with no player or coach deaths. I’m actually surprised.

Hey, did you know that Sam Houston State is traveling to play Gopher Snot University in a meaningless college basketball game during a pandemic?

Oregon still may try to play high school football this spring. Why?

The Republicans are balking to a raise in the federal minimum wage to $15 an hour (like it is in Oregon). They don’t want the front like workers who fed them to earn less than a living wage even though they called them “heroes” from the floor of the House and Senate.

I wonder about the black market for the vaccine and all the rich people jumping in line. I am sure those stories will start leaking out soon.

The variants are now appearing all over the nation.

Death feels like it’s everywhere.

More stories coming out about people dying from Covid and still believing it was a hoax or a conspiracy unleashed by Bill Gates to inject us with tracking devices.

I’ve asked myself: what’s the major difference living in the city during the pandemic as opposed to living in the country? I find myself reading and writing less in the city.

One wonders when all this is concluded, if it ever is, if there will be a single American family not touched by death due to the virus.

Super Bowl in a week with fans.

If Keith Richards dies of the virus….(finish that sentence).

I’ll probably never travel outside of Oregon or Washington again.