Corona Virus Thoughts #20

The vaccine is rolling out all over the country. I wonder when I’ll have access to it.

Conspiracies about the vaccine run rampant. I can’t bear to write about the stupidity of them and many of my fellow Americans.

I read recently that a throng of Trump Supporters marched around the Supreme Court building after their refusal to approve his attempted coup and were blowing replicas of the Jewish horns used by Joshua and his army that brought down the walls of Jericho. Apparently the idea was that the Supreme Court building would collapse. It did not.

We passed 310,000 deaths and yet many states have little or no restrictions. I would think the Governors of these states will face an avalanche of lawsuits for dereliction of duty from people who have lost family members because of the virus because little to nothing was done.

I still can’t believe they are playing college and high school football games in this country and in many venues with fans!

Another Oregon lockdown begins Friday and lasts through the end of the year. It all seems haphazard to me. I mean, they shut down THIS and THAT but the University of Oregon football team is still traveling to play in the Pac 12 Championship Game.

Congress has yet to come up with a deal for another relief or stimulus package or whatever you want to call it. This directly affects me.

Christmas during a Pandemic. I doubt in future years they’ll be making any Hallmark movies on the subject.

More homeless people appear and they are doing even more bizarre things, like walking in rain in flip flops and pajama bottoms and drinking cans of Keystone Light.

They’ve never stopped logging since everything hit the fan. In fact, I have seen more loaded log trucks the past couple of months than I have in many years.

My local paper’s news content contains three stories every issue: 1) death notices for Covid victims around the state; 2) minutes of the absurd County Commissioner meetings; 3) Police reports. That’s it.

It occurs to me that the American response to the Pandemic might have been dramatically different if some very profile people had died from it. Yes, even celebrities, which of course contradicts all my previous writing bemoaning the use of celebrities to enact/promote/signify social justice or mental health causes.

Here is the list of people in my life who have contracted the virus:

Cousin in Los Angeles

Cousin’s wife in Seattle

Good friend in Washington and her boyfriend

Friend in Portland

Step brother’s wife’s father (he died in Mexico)

Landlord’s son in California