Corona Virus Thoughts #19

Closing in on almost a quarter million dead in America. The President says and does nothing about it. No words at all. I bet some of the dead even voted for him. Wouldn’t that be fascinating to determine?

You can feel another big lockdown coming as record number of cases and hospitalizations occur.

Still, we continue to play football with hundreds of men interacting and in some places, with thousands of fans. It’s utter madness.

But…authorities in some places allowed football with or without fans but not church services of over 50 or so. I guess they got their priorities right in those states.

Governor Brown announced a two-week shutdown of non essential businesses starting Wednesday, yet UO and OSU will still play football. Total insanity.

Speaking of Governor Brown, an elderly man driving a battered pickup truck pulling a fifth wheel trailer has marooned himself near the beach on a dead end road. He has covered his truck with graffiti calling Governor Brown all sorts of terrible things. I don’t what he’s doing there. He probably doesn’t.

A storm walloped the Oregon Coast the other night. All I wanted to do was make pea soup and read a Maigret mystery by George Simenon.

It is clear many Americans are giving up on combating the virus. You can see it in their faces, either anger or indifference or total surrender.

Oregon’s cases spiked after Halloween and have been traced to five or so more parties in the Portland area. Trick or treat.

I do wish I could do more to help, but what is there for me to do?