Corona Virus Thoughts #17

The President contracted the virus and then apparently licked it. Who really knows? He’s not even a week of quarantine and he wants to hold a political rally in Florida. If he goes, people will attend and later die as a result. There’s nothing else left to say after that.

My cousin in LA contracted the virus through a visiting contractor. He’s in quarantine for two weeks. His spirits seem high.

The President more and more reminds me of one of those tinpot banana republic dictators. All he needs are the epaulets and fake medals.

I had a dream that one of my enemies and I met again and actually got along.

We passed 210k deaths and the President said contracting the virus was a “gift from God.”

The xmas book is about ready to launch. Reading a collection of xmas tales during a pandemic? Not too sure about that.

No one outside of my family seems to return phone calls anymore. Many emails are like this as well.

October is my favorite month on the Oregon Coast. The orange/purple/red/blue/yellow layer cake sunsets are incredible to witness.

Eddie Van Halen died. Dick Cheney is still alive. Ponder that cosmic injustice.

One wonders if the country can ever change for the better in my lifetime

I am beginning to think hard about this concept of a socialist crime fighting private investigator. I wrote a few lines in my head the other day on the beach. Why not? It’s totally original.

More covid conspiracy theories in Oregon Tavern Age country were overhead the other day. They are as rock solid as true as the theories propounded by the addicts about how the video slots pay better after a power outage, the last day of the month, and if you play left handed on a Sunday when the Seahawks are playing.