Corona Virus Election Thoughts

What will happen? How many people will die as a result of maskless people attending a Trump rally?

Jack Nicklaus came out the other day with his opinion that the number of covid deaths was over-counted for political reasons. He didn’t comment on cancer treatments or how to set a broken leg.

Record voting. Record and wily voter suppression by Republican officials at all levels of government. Republican officials making people wait in long lines to vote, trying to kill people who want to vote by forcing them into inclement weather and/or expose themselves to the virus.

The Pandemic is worse than ever but here we are playing football and letting people in the stadiums. I mean, they did that sort of thing in Rome! Wait, they didn’t! They shut down the games when cholera or typhus hit. We’re dumber than Rome!

After this botched election (yet another one) will we finally get some national reform? A universal ballot and method for voting for federal offices? It is time.

I read a story in the NY Times that pastors were training to defuse potential violence at the polls. People will be carrying rifles and pistols at the polling places. Someone is going to get shot.

You wonder if Trump voted for himself. You know his wife didn’t. They voted by mail.

More rap moguls have come out for Trump. I cannot fathom why.

I’ve never missed voting in a federal election.

Many people are considering getting off the grid if Trump is elected. I would consider this if I had a partner. I have some resources.

I watched The Charge of the Light Brigade film from 1968 on election eve. It occurred to me that the history and metaphor of that blundering, blind incompetence is exactly like what has happened to Trump and his supporters. They charge right into the Valley and well…you know how it ended. And not at all poignant like the poem.

My one real wish for a Biden win is that it will help drain the poison injected into my mother by the Presidency of Trump. I know she can regain her faith and optimism once he leaves office.

I may build an election day driftwood fort for no other reason that it will help clear my mind.