Coffee Shop Ruminations

The tattooed barista pours me a cup of drip coffee and I repair to m favorite table near the lending library. The Beatles play through the speakers.

The shop is packed full of city people doing city things. I guess I am doing city things in here but typing this on my trusty Alphasmart word processors from the 1990s makes it seem like an uncity activity.

I look forward to better weather so I can take the typewriter outside and start typing letters

I may start the meth-themed Western on the typewriter. It somehow seems appropriate.

I had a wonderful reunion with an old friend and we sat inside a driftwood fort and caught up and planned for some future creative collaborations. I certainly will need her unique insight and editorial input on some new writing projects.

I turned 55 on March 10 and had one of the best birthday celebrations of my life. Onward into my AARP status!

I enjoyed all the birthdays messages and calls from people. I responded to every one.

Potential new author clients are emerging. I hope to expand this business. I truly love it. It’s a form of teaching yet totally different than a classroom experience.

I scored an almost brand new Jack Kramer Autograph tennis racket during a recent trip to a thrift store. This baby was pressed in a sweet wooden press and has a Jack Kramer head cover. Tennis anyone? I’ll be hitting off a backboard soon and see if I still have anything left from the glory days. It’s been almost 15 years since I hit a tennis ball. I want to reacquaint myself with the game. I know playing will unlock some interesting new creative energies in my mind.

The recent writing workshop in Astoria turned out to be one the best of my career. Five new writers! Such diverse range of ideas for books. Incredible passion displayed! The talent nearly blew up the room. Teaching these workshops inspires such unexpected ideas and insight for me. It often feels as if the light bulbs won’t stop lighting up over my head. I hope I can continue teaching these workshops in the future. They teach me and I hope I never come to a place in my life here I can’t be taught or teach myself something new.