I arrived to work the other morning, well before my boss showed up. I like the stillness on the site at that time, being alone, getting things cleaned up and organized and prepped, so more skilled workmen can work better. The sun was out, the birds were calling and singing, and I got to work and my mind began to draft a new piece of writing about a young woman who needs health care.

An hour or so later, my boss showed up. I went out to his truck to greet him. We said hello and then he handed me a $100 bill and said something to the effect that it was a stimulus payment to his crew and he wasn’t trying to earn my vote. Well done sir!

Now I have worked many jobs over the course of my lifetime, but I had never received a cash bonus from a boss. It felt damn good. It was a class act and you just don’t see much class around these days. It’s a long lost American cultural art form buried deep in the ground with Fred Astaire and tipping the newspaper boy. Most Americans today prefer debasing people instead of exhibiting class. It gets much better ratings and gets The Debasers elected over and over again.

I will remember this simple act of class by my boss and try to enact one myself soon. And really, it doesn’t take money to enact class. But that’s nice too!