Book Number 22: The Bonnie and Clyde Files

My latest book, The Bonnie and Clyde Files: How Two Senior Dogs Saved a Middle Aged Man is out.

I invite you to support me and an independent Oregon publisher by purchasing direct from my web site,

Below are some thoughts about it:

The other day, I picked up the print run for the Bonnie and Clyde book from the printer in McMinnville. It’s my 22nd published book since the first one came out in 2003 and my fourth with Oregon Litho Print, a family owned business with deep Oregon roots. They were again incredible to work with and I may have hit on something unique with the printing format of this book.

The Bonnie and Clyde Files is far and away my most important book and I hope many of you reading this will support me and my publishing company, Nestucca Spit Press, by purchasing a copy. I printed only 300 copies with the idea of selling those directly to readers and then trying to find a national publisher to bring out an edition that can reach a larger audience. I believe this book deserves one, but I’ll need some help to make that happen. I will have to ask for it from writers, some prominent ones.

I have absolutely no expectations I will land a national publisher, or even a larger regional one. I simply wrote the book as an act of survival when men and women were dying around me, an act of reinvention, and act of bearing witness to the shocking and debasing things I witnessed first hand, an act of love inspired by two senior dogs, Bonnie and Clyde. They rescued me from stasis and oblivion.

The book comes with a bonus tale and a special bookmark that channels the magical spirit of my dearly departed husky, Sonny.

Thank you for supporting Nestucca Spit Press and our ethos of sustainable literature. We liken ourselves to a farmer’s market. The product might cost a bit more, but it is made locally, from the writing, to the production, to the distribution. And it tastes different, richer, unique.