Bob and Dave and Rock and Roll

Let us consider these two advertisements:

  1. Dave Grohl selling Dodge trucks with a cut from his new album, driving along with his long hair flying out the window with the Foo Fighters rocking the soundtrack.
  1. Bob Dylan selling Victoria Secrets with his music and black cowboy hat. Victoria Secrets releasing a CD compilation of Dylan love songs available only in the stores. (I bought it at thrift store for a quarter.)

Let us ask questions of these ad campaigns and the rockers:

  • Will the ad play on a big screen at Foo Fighters concerts?
  • Does Dave drive a Dodge Ram truck?
  • Did Bob sell out? Did Dave sell out? Is there such thing as selling out in rock? Was there ever?
  • What is rock and roll anymore? Didn’t it to use be about rebelling?
  • Is Bob rebelling by associating with Victoria Secrets?
  • What were they paid for these ads?
  • Did the ads move product?
  • Remember the era when rockers refused to have their music used in ads?