Back Deck Musings

I am sitting on the back deck on a weekday morning and listening to the jazz on the public radio station. I just completed a little yard work and watering the herbs.

Earlier, I had a pleasant visit with Dad at the assisted living center. We watched a clip of Diane Feinstein looking almost incoherent in a wheelchair while trying to function as a US Senator when clearly she cannot. This prompted a discussion about aging and why certain elderly and obviously incapacitated people in positions of power don’t step aside for someone younger and more capable. We discussed the terrible decision of RGB to hang on way too long and the disaster that came from that.. Now look at Feinstein. Why go out this way and become a topic of controversy and split your own party? When I know the time is right for me, it’s Hart’s Cove or Otter Point or just walk into the ocean and start swimming to Asia.

I recently had the good fortune to walk a long way with a dog on one of Oregon’s socialist ocean beaches and was reminded how this particular beach helped rescue me during perilous times seven years ago. I will never stop thanking the Oregon Legislature and Governor Tom McCall for saving our great birthright from privatization and ruination back in1967. Just look at the Oregon Legislature today, or at least the Republican Party. What a disgrace and dishonor. They think they have a First Amendment right not to govern!

Summer approaches. I have zero plans except to attend a Christian Writers Conference in Canby. What you say? I am there on behalf of a new author client—my Mother. More on this later as it develops. I’m actually looking forward to the event because it’s something entirely new to me and I always learn something from other writers when they present workshops.

I’m still considering getting a dog.