At the River

A sandpiper plucked a dead jellyfish the size of a garbage pail lid.

Thousands of dead jellyfish turned the beach into a translucent moonscape.

I clutched a limpet in one hand and beaverwood in the other.

The river swirled green, blue and white.

A gillnetter fished for fake fish.

Sea lions roared from the buoy.

I walked to the Jetty in a slight sunlight after three inches of rain.

The pea coat was on for the first time this season. It begins its 21st year.

I passed an empty half pint of vodka wrapped in dead kelp
and a vaping device.

Gulls were around.

I emptied my mind and meandered, looking for treasures.

My mind filled up again with thoughts of an estranged friend. We have walked so many beaches together. If only we could walk together again, and talk.