Assisted Living Observations

Dad passed two weeks in assisted living. Here are my observations:

I’ve accompanied Dad to a half dozen meals in the dining room and have yet to see a phone in use.

Don’t get the Food Committee riled up! I overheard several members complain quite vehemently about the quality of the chicken fried steak, which Dad thought was delicious.

I overhead one resident say she was voting for Kotek for Governor and how disappointed that her daughter was voting for Johnson.

I have been incredibly impressed with the staff. I wonder what each member of the staff is paid. Surely it’s not enough.

I was leaving the center one afternoon when two homeless men roughly the same age as the residents pushed various rolling contraptions full of cans and bottles past me. What a juxtaposition.

Perry Mason is on four times a day on Dad’s new TV hookup.

I gave Dad a tour of the center and showed him where the arts and crafts room was located just in case he wanted to participate. He said, “Do I look like I want to do arts and crafts?” We laughed over that.

In the garage, I found a 100-year old spike/wedge used for chopping wood and it is serving nicely as a door stop for Dad’s studio.

I met the center handyman. Great guy. Said he was working downtown at an auto repair shop and had his rig broken into so many times that finally he’d had enough and found a new job across the river.

What goes on during Bible study at the center?

At lunch over pork chops, Dad recited the entire 37-line Matthew Arnold poem “Dover Beach.” It’s his favorite poem and the one he wants read at his funereal.

The Gents Club meets at 3 pm on Saturday and the listing says spirits are served!

I read him some Mark Twain the other day. Mr. Twain has got to be the best writer in our history.