A Thompson Twins Moment

I was paying for groceries at the counter. A friendly female checker was ringing me up. A song was playing from the rafters. It was the Thompson Twins’ “King for a Day.” I laughed. I hadn’t heard the song in 35 years.

The Thompson Twins for chrissakes! Two or three English hit wonders from the MTV 80s! Other hits? Lies? Hold Me Now?

I asked the clerk if she knew the group. She was a decade younger than the birth of grunge. She had no idea who the Thompson Twins were. That’s probably a good thing.

I suggested she look them up on YouTube for the costumes and hair alone. She said she would. I told her they were not twins and there were three members of the group. She didn’t get it. Neither did I.

A man behind me ordering lotto tickets called out. “I saw the Thompson Twins in El Cortez, California.”

I whipped around and asked him how the show was.

He said it was good for what it was. I think that was a compliment.