A New Poet for Oregon—Lee Meier

My good friend and Oregon legend Lee Meier has published an extraordinary new collection of poems called Circus Machinery. It’s his first book.

I urge everyone out there who cares about Oregon literature and who wants to support local poets and writers to check out this book. The link to purchase a print edition is:

Lee and I go back to 2002 when I discovered that back in 1970, he was one of the four young people who approached Governor McCall to ask for a site to hold a rock festival outside of Portland with the idea of a “defusing mechanism (McCall’s words) to avoid violence downtown during the national convention of the American Legion. This was right after the invasion of Cambodia and Kent State and well, you know the rest—a terrible time.

Lee was 20 years in 1970, and his successful and far out effort helped elect McCall to a second term and change the course of modern Oregon history for the better. When I was writing my Vortex book, Lee was beyond generous and sat with me for a long interview and gave me the use of all the incredible photos he took at Vortex. His generosity was one of the more inspiring moments of my creative life.

These poems were written over the span of his adult life and take the reader on an unforgettable journey through Lee’s life and the landscapes that enchanted him. I know I will be reading these poems again and again, for a long time.

Get the book. Support a new Oregon poet.