A Few Copies Remain of the Bonnie & Clyde Files

In April I released, The Bonnie and Clyde Files: How Two Senior Dogs Saved a Middle Aged Man, an account of my experiences over the past couple of years as I battled to stave off personal extinction. I published only 300 copies of the book and have a few left that I want to promote here. I think it’s the best, most honest thing I have ever written. I really don’t know any other book like it.

I have larger aspirations for The Bonnie and Clyde Files but haven’t figured out how to do that yet. This micro publishing run may be the last word.

I invite you to support me and an independent Oregon publisher by purchasing direct from my web site, nestuccaspitpress.com

The book features 10 poetic interludes, where I channeled Walt Whitman to make sense of the madness and inhumanity I witnessed, scenes I will never forget:

Below is an excerpt:

I lean against the wall

inside the probation office.

Joint is packed.

Reprobates are jacked.

I read Walt Whitman

at random

waiting for a form

to set me free.

It’s come to that:

a form for freedom

in a democracy.

Can you believe

they want it in longhand?

To my right

two couples

make out

before their

meetings and drug tests.

Nothing surprises in here

not the sparkled jeans

nor the man reading Macbeth,

not the dog food coupons

to feed human beings

nor the reek of fish.

Okay, this making out does

these two couples!

It’s like that poem

“Kissing” by Dorianne Laux.

A stanza reads:

They are kissing
to begin the world again. Nothing
can stop them…

they are doing what they have to do
to survive the worst

It’s the one human act

the State can’t take from us.

Even in here:

fluorescent lights

plastic chairs

gray carpet.

It’s an act of secret rebellion

smack dab in the open

face to face

in our faceless times

not a reckoning

but a puckering.

I read another line from Walt.

He writes a lot about kissing

but never uses the word.

I watch the couples,

the two women

angled toward me,

their eyes closed.

One has slipped her feet

out of flip flops.

She is barefoot

and kissing

in the probation office.