Things to Know About Coastal Oregon

I recently found a tiny pamphlet printed in a tiny font about ferns titled Ferns to Know in Oregon that was written in the mid 1950s by an unnamed Oregon State University Extension agent and ardent fernologist. It contains some of the most delightful and knowledgeable nature writing about Oregon I have ever read. I had no idea ferns were part of such magical historical and literary lore! I had no idea that American POWs in the Korean War were fed ferns. I knew nothing of spores! I couldn’t name a single fern and now I can name seven. I even identified a fern (licorice) growing from the side of a 40-year old RV. This tiny pamphlet opened my eyes to the larger world of something beautiful and ubiquitous around me. It also has inspired me to produce a similar pamphlet of design and tone called Things to Know About Coastal Oregon that I will distribute free around Coastal Oregon in the usual and unlikeliest of fern and non-fern places and classify it as Nestucca Spit Press’ next publication. Yes, the reader may have to use a magnifying glass to read the text and consider the illustrations I will include, but that makes it all the more fun. I will begin brainstorming my list of Things to Know About Coastal Oregon here:

Things to Know About Coastal Oregon:


Nestucca Spit




Sometimes a Great Notion

Conde McCullough’s Bridges

Zane Gray on the Rogue River

Clark Gable on the Oregon Coast

Oregon Tavern Age Country

Tom McCall

Heckletooth 3


Seal Rock

Coffee Girl

Bastendorf Beach

RV Parks

South Jetty on the Columbia River

Camp Angel

Animal Welfare Thrift Stores

Rock Haus

Port Orford Radio Station

Saddle Mountain

Matt Kramer Memorial

Highway 420

Mt. Hebo

Godfather’s Books

Keyhole Limpets

Driftwood Forts

Slab Creek Road

Carpenterville Road

Jack London in Port Orford

WPA Guide to Oregon

Steve Prefontaine Memorial Museum