Thanksgiving List

I am thankful for my family, my two sets of parents and my sister and brother in law, who have helped me weather a raging storm that obliterated me and renders me talking about my former self in the third person.

I am thankful for dogs, old dogs, puppies, discarded dogs, dogs in liquor stores, dogs on the beach and dogs in my dreams, and the people who care about dogs and work for them.

I am thankful for my ex-wife Cindy, who has never given up on me.

I am thankful for Earl and Carolyn in Gold Beach.

I am thankful for the Oregon Coast bookstores who still order my books.

I am thankful for Bonnie and Clyde.

I am thankful for Jacque at the Angels for Sara Sanctuary for allowing me to volunteer.

I am thankful for the holiday craft fair giggers.

I am thankful for birds and ferns and seals and elk.

I am thankful for Oregon’s legacy of publicly-owned beaches.

I am thankful for Caroline and Tom O. They both kept me in the Oregon creative game.

I am thankful for my three special human friends and two canine ones in Astoria that have kept me afloat.

I am thankful for authors of books. I am thankful for those who threw out old books where I found them in the strangest of places. Nothing like changing your life for free or 50 cents.

I am thankful for the ten kind inmates of the Chill Tank who served time with me in the Clatsop County Jail in January of 2017. In the future, I hope to do good work in your name. That was some writing workshop we had together. I’ll publish it some day, somehow. Nobody hears you. I heard you.

I am thankful for the people who keep signing up for the writer’s workshops. These workshops had a large part in saving my creative life.

I am thankful for anyone who withholds judgment. I am thankful for your patience. It is a dying art in our culture.

I am thankful for anyone from my past who wants to reconnect but seems at lost how to do so. Just write. Just broach. I would love a broaching. I promise not to refer myself in the third person if you do.

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