Oregon Tavern Age: Nowhere to Go

Rain plowed through the OTA landscape and free pool Sunday brought a dozen OTA players and their tournament unfolded with a special slow grace.

An OTA woman ate a hamburger and played Keno.

Capitalism in its various forms played on television.

The joint was decorated for some pagan holiday.

The bartender was asleep on her feet.

An OTA man described his love for “loaded bake potatoes.”

I drank a porter and dreamed about someone who only drank Mexican beer when it rained.

A pool player sunk the 8-ball on the break and there were cheers all around. His friend asked if he wanted to play another game, or two, or three.

“I got nowhere to go in this rain,” he said.

I did not feel the same, but I stuck around a bit longer and wrote in my notebook.