Lines Composed While Eating Breakfast at the Ocean

I read somewhere that in the very near future the ocean will contain more plastic than plankton. After I read this, I was reminded of the plot of Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Galapagos: one day humanity wakes up and finds all men have gone sterile. Extinction looms. It would make a great new Hulu show and of course, gradually cause sterility in those men who are watching it, which could be part of the show.

I continue to place faith in face-to-face encounters to aid me in my transition.

Rilke matters to me more than ever. I am glad it matters to someone else, too.

My breakfast consists of: two hard boiled eggs, coffee, apple, cheese, purple cabbage.

I think more and more people are recognizing the social disease of social media. Thankfully, I am cured of it.

Otters are on my mind.

I see relay tower and smoke from slash burning in the hills.

I am well on my way of finding a new 2nd/3rd person voice for an impending literary project.

I feel fit in mind and body.

I am sitting on a big regional cannabis industry story that if published, would cast highly unfavorable light on the industry.

I recently had dinner with a couple at their home deep in the woods and overlooking the ocean and we plotted how to help save dogs.

All I want for Christmas is 3-D topographical map of the PNW.

I always write in this style when I take up pen and lined paper at the ocean. I think it is because of the meter of the waves.

There is no around me for miles.

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