Kindness/Gratitude Writing and Publishing Workshop in Astoria

(Season’s greetings readers. I will take a break from the blog until the New Year. Thanks for reading and making contributions to support the effort.)


At one of our recent workshops, I proposed the idea of producing a small print publication with a specific non-fiction theme. The idea was warmly received and we tentatively settled on kindness/gratitude after some stellar writing and sharing on the topic.

I want to propose a kindness/gratitude writing/publishing workshop Saturday, Feb 3 from 10-2 in Astoria. At the workshop, I wold run us through a series of prompts/readings/discussion topics and a process for making editorial decisions about the publication (e.g. naming it, size, color, etc).

Basically, it would work like this: participants would write their pieces (approximately 200-300 words in length), email them to me, I would edit, email it back for a final revision, and then the pieces are returned to me. Then I (or someone else with better skills) will design the publication (probably a two-page, front/back, 11” by 14” broadsheet), have it printed, and then we all distribute a thousand copies in our various communities or wherever we go. We could even hold a little event to publicize the release. I envision the publication coming out in the spring.

The cost of the workshop/publishing venture is $80 and that includes the printing cost for the publication. We need about 10 paying people to make this project fly and have enough voices in the publication to provide the desired variety of perspectives. If you cannot attend the workshop but still want to participate in the project, I can email the prompts and work with you that way. The writing has been so wonderful and unique this past year and deserves a larger audience. Let me know if you want to join and of course, if you want to recruit a writer friend to join us in this endeavor, by all means invite. Email me through the blog or at my email address and let me know if you want to join this project.